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Northumberland County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What is Northumberland County Arrest Records?

Arrest Records in Northumberland are documents detailing the arrest history of individuals within the county. They are made available to interested persons on request, but cannot be used as an alternative for criminal records. While the former only shows an individual’s arrest history, the latter reveals that the individual is a convict. Arrest records are generated when an arrest is made either through a warrant or crime witnessed by a law enforcement agency. Information on this record includes search warrants, mug shots, and investigation files of the arrested person. Authorized agencies at the federal level, state, and county are responsible for creating and storing these records.

Crime Statistics of Northumberland County

The 2018 FBI Crime Uniform Report for the state of Pennsylvania revealed that property crime (robbery, theft, and burglary) is dominant in the region. However, while the state records a total of 190,816 property crimes annually, Northumberland County only reported 6 cases. The FBI report also showed that the county is 94% safe in comparison to other areas in the US. The county with a population above 3500 recorded zero cases in rape and murder, while the state had 4483 and 784 cases of rape and manslaughter, respectively.

What are Northumberland County Criminal Records?

Northumberland county criminal records are public documents generated subsequent to a criminal conviction. Details found in these documents include arrest reports and location, warrants, police reports, convictions, incarcerations, and probation records. The Pennsylvania State Police maintains a secure online system for carrying out criminal background checks on an individual. Known as PATCH (Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History), the online search system serves as the central repository for all criminal record searches in the state. At the local level, the Northumberland County Sheriff is in charge of keeping these records.

How Do I Get Northumberland County Criminal Records?

All criminal records within the state of Pennsylvania are available on the online search platform known as PATCH. The system was created in line with the Criminal History Information Act to help criminal justice agencies carry out background checks with ease. Non-criminal justice agencies and individuals can also request the records provided they meet the requirements.

To obtain the documents, individuals can download and fill the request form. Submission is via mail and should be sent together with the $20 processing fee, which could either be money order or cheque. On completion, all requests should be submitted to:

Pennsylvania State Police (Central Repository)
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758

Conversely, applicants can request criminal history records at the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office. The office provides useful information on incident reports provided the requester has some background details about the incident. Custodians have the right to disregard any request made for criminal records involving active cases also known as sensitive information.

Where Can I Find Northumberland County Sex Offender Information?

Sex offender information in Northumberland County is available on the Megan’s Law webpage of the Pennsylvania state police. According to the law, every individual convicted of sexual crimes must be registered on the Sex Offender Registry, which is available online. The ruling came into existence after a 7-year old native of New Jersey was raped by a former sex offender who had served jail time for the same crime.

The state police maintain this specialized unit to ensure that state residents can quickly obtain this information and protect themselves and their loved ones from any potential danger. Individuals can also register on the webpage for regular email updates on any sex offender.

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Northumberland County Jail?

The Northumberland County Jail is in charge of all jail activities in the county. The administration building of the jail is located at:

720 Northumberland County Drive
Coal Township, PA 17866

There are visiting rules, guidelines, and schedules available on the NCJ webpage. Visitors should adhere to the rules which are subject to changes made by the jail administration. The county jail does not allow face-to-face visitation. Video visitations will either be off-site via a remote video application or on-site at a lobby within the NCJ administration building. Alternatively, visitors can write directly to an inmate following the address format below:

Northumberland County Jail
670 Northumberland County Drive
Coal Township, Pa 17866

Where and How to Find Northumberland County Inmate Information

It is the responsibility of the Northumberland County Sheriff to create information concerning inmates within the county. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is in charge of the statewide Inmate Locator. Requesters can easily use the search tool to find Northumberland County inmate information provided they know the first name, last name, or the number of the inmate.

What are Northumberland County Court Records?

Court records in Northumberland County contain information like court hearings, dockets, indictment, affidavits, transcripts, and legal statements that are commonly open for public access. According to the Right-To-Know Law passed in 1957, every member of the public has a right to court records anytime they request the right custodian. The Northumberland Prothonotary is tasked with recording and maintaining all court proceedings and related documents in the county.

At the state level, court records are accessible for free on the Unified Judiciary of Pennsylvania webpage. For the paper court case records, requesters will have to download and fill a request form. Submission of completed forms should be submitted to any of the magisterial district courts in Northumberland County.

Location of All Courts in Northumberland County

Like every other county in Pennsylvania, there are two main parts of the Northumberland County court: the Courts of Common Pleas and Magisterial District Courts. Listed below is the crucial information of all the courthouses in Northumberland County.

Northumberland County Courthouse
201 Market St,
Sunbury, PA 17801
Phone: (570) 988-4148 (Criminal)
Phone: (570) 988-4151 (Civil)
Fax: (570) 988-4581

Northumberland County Orphans’ Court
Northumberland County Courthouse
201 Market Street,
Sunbury, PA 17801
Phone: (570) 988-4143
Fax: (570) 988-4141

Magisterial District Court in Mt. Carmel
150 S Market St,
Mt. Carmel,
PA 17851
Phone: (570) 339-2140
Fax: (570) 339-4433

Magisterial District Court in Milton
1 Broadway St,
Milton, PA 17847
Phone: (570) 742-7446
Fax: (570) 742-2144

Magisterial District Court in Shamokin
2 E Arch St,
Shamokin, PA 17872
Phone: (570) 644-0736
Fax: (570) 644-3958

Magisterial District Court in Sunbury
399 Stadium Dr,
Sunbury, PA 17801
Phone: (570) 988-4485
Fax: (570) 988-3954

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What are Northumberland County Vital Records?

Vital records of Northumberland County include information on events such as marriage, divorce, birth, and death that occurred within the county. All vital records in Northumberland and other counties in the state are accessible via Pennsylvania’s Department of Health webpage. Vital records contain sensitive information, which is why they are only available to eligible persons. As a result, interested persons have to apply to the appropriate custodians before they can gain access to the documents.

Where and How to Get Northumberland County Divorce Records

Divorce records in Northumberland County are processed at the Prothonotary’s office. County residents seeking such documents will be required to provide information like the date of the petition, the file number of the record, and the names of the spouses. Provided the requester is eligible, applications can be sent in person or through mail together with a $10 fee for each certified copy to:

Northumberland County Prothonotary
201 Market St, Rm 7
Sunbury, PA 17801-3468

Where and How to Get Northumberland County Marriage Records

In the state of Pennsylvania, Marriage records have been in existence since 1885. The Marriage License Clerk in each county is required to create and maintain this record. Requesters can get the documents by visiting the office of the Northumberland County Recorder or sending an application by mail. Interested persons must provide the names of the partners, the location and date of the marriage.

Requests should be made to:

Northumberland County Recorder
201 Market St
Sunbury, PA 17801

Where and How to Get Northumberland County Birth Records and Death Records

The Pennsylvania DOH’s Division of Vital Records is in charge of creating and processing all birth and death record requests. In compliance with state law, the department is required to restrict access to records by persons that do not meet the eligibility requirements. Applicants that meet the criteria must be listed on the record, or be an immediate relative or legal representative of the record owner. Obtaining a court subpoena is another method of gaining access to these records.

Request parties will have to submit a written request to:

Department of Health
Bureau of Health Statistics & Registries
Division of Vital Records
PO. Box 1528
New Castle, PA 16103